The Ministry of the Interior has taken note with concern of recent reports of the expulsion of Burkina Faso nationals and Asylum seekers and wishes to state the following:

  1. Ghana has hosted refugees from all over the world since the 1960s
  2. As a signatory to the UN 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the OAU 1969 Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa, we have welcomed and provided protection for persons fleeing persecution and generalised violence, and we continue to do so.
  3. Ghana currently hosts refugees and asylum seekers from about 35 different countries, who are received and registered by the Ghana Refugee Board on a daily basis.
  4. Over the past few years, some nationals of Burkina Faso have sought refuge in the Northern Regions of Ghana due to armed attacks on them by extremist elements. The Ghana Refugee Board has successfully registered over 3,200 Burkinabe asylum seekers. Registration is still ongoing.
  5. With the assistance of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, the Ghana Refugee Board has set up a reception centre at Tarikom in the Bawku West District, and is in the process of relocating asylum seekers from border areas to the new reception centre. So far over 500 Burkinabe Asylum Seekers have been relocated.
  6. In addition, Ghana Refugee Board has been allocated land which is being developed into a temporary settlement for Burkinabe asylum seekers. It is expected that when calm returns to their home country, the asylum seekers will be assisted by Government and the UNHCR to return home in safety and in dignity as was done recently for Ivorian refugees.
  7. It is important to state that Burkinabes continue to enter Ghana, and our country continues to guarantee those who seek asylum, international protection, ensuring that all their rights as asylum seekers are upheld.
  8. The Ghana Refugee Board with critical support from UNHCR, will continue to provide needed interventions for all asylum seekers and refugees until such a time that durable solutions to their refugee situation are found.
  9. Without prejudice to the security challenges in the sub-region involving other stakeholders, we shall continue to honour our obligations counting on adequate support from our partners/UN system.
  10. The Ministry also wishes to reiterate that Ghana shall not renege on its responsibilities of protecting and caring for the vulnerable in our society, including refugees.SIGNED