The Ghana Prisons Service, as an agent operating under the ambit of the Ministry of the Interior, contributes to the maintenance of public safety by ensuring the safe custody of criminals convicted by the courts to terms of imprisonment.

Legal Mandate

The statutes that currently govern the Service are:

  • The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.
  • Prisons Service Decree 1972, NRCD 46.
  • Prisons Standing Orders, 1960.
  • Prisons Regulation L.I 412/58.
  • Prisons (Declaration of Prisons) Instrument.
  • Prisons (Amendment) Regulation, 1970.
  • Prisons Service Scheme of Service Administration.

Functions of the Service

The functions of the Service as spelt out in the NRCD 46 of 1972 are as follows:

Core Functions

  1. Safe custody of prisoners
  2. Welfare of prisoners

Non-Core Functions

  1. Reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners where applicable through the following:
  • Execution of sentences in a humane manner to reduce recidivism (re-offending).
  • Offering opportunities to prisoners to develop their skills through vocational training, moral and formal education.
  • Encouraging public/private participation in the provision of skills training.
  • Improvement in the welfare of prisoners (i.e. healthcare, clothing, bedding, feeding, recreation, library facilities, etc).
  • Protection of the rights of prisoner.


Building a world class Service to attain sustainable public safety through excellence in corrections management.


The Service is committed to undertaking the safe custody, humane treatment, reformation, rehabilitation and re-integration of inmates to make them responsible, productive and law-abiding citizens to ensure public safety.


The Service aims at repositioning itself to achieve the following goals:

  • Re-branding the Service to reflect modern desired ideals.
  • Modernization of the Agricultural and the Industrial Wings of the Service to make them financially viable.
  • Modernization of management practices and the administration structures.
  • Modernization of staff recruitment, manpower planning and development as well as work practices.
  • Modernization of the physical structures and operational equipment.


Address:   The Director-General of Prisons, Ghana Prisons Service, P.O. Box 129, Accra


Tel:    +233 302 777 830, +233 302 777 052, +233 302 760 093

Emergency No.: 0299320000, 0299326000, 0299320637