Broad Strategic Objectives (Under GSGDA II) are as follows:

  • Improve internal security for human safety and protection.
  • Reduce recidivism and promote effective re-integration of ex-convicts.

Broad/Specific Strategic Policy Objectives

In pursuit of the above broad objectives and in compliance with the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda II (GSGDA II) and other policy interventions, the Ministry intends to adopt the following strategic policy objectives to guide its effort to fulfill the national policy objectives:

  • Review the existing Laws and regulations that govern the operations of some of the Services in order to meet their current needs.
  • Improve the capacity of security agencies to provide internal security for human safety and protection.
  • Provide adequate protection of life and property.
  • Increase police accessibility and visibility in vulnerable communities across the country.
  • Improve crime detection and prevention.
  • Facilitate the adoption of non-custodial measures in our penal system to decongest our prisons.
  • Develop a highly efficient and humane custodial reformatory system.
  • Improve reformation and rehabilitation programmes to facilitate the successful reintegration of prisoners.
  • Sensitize and provide technical assistance and advice to schools, markets, MMDAs, lorry parks and other institutions nationwide on fire safety measures.
  • Strengthen disaster risks prevention, response and reduction mechanism and social mobilization in order to reduce disaster risks across the country.
  • Facilitate the creation and development of platforms for constructive engagements at various conflict sites in order to reduce conflicts across the country.
  • Secure the borders of Ghana by enforcing regulations and effective monitoring of the entry, stay and exit of non-Ghanaians and the travelling public.
  • Optimize the benefits of Migration for Ghana’s Development Agenda.
  • Reduce the overall drug trafficking and abuse levels through enforcement, control and preventive measures.
  • Enhance opportunities for education, social reintegration, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and counseling of drug users, addicts and non-users.
  • Reduce the proliferation of small arms and illicit weapons through advocacy, public sensitisation and formulation of appropriate policy in close collaboration with stakeholders.