Naturalization as Ghanaian Citizen


  • Purchase of Naturalization Form (Form 5) at the Ministry of the Interior
  • An application letter addressed to the Minister for the interior applying for Naturalization as a citizen of Ghana.
  • Copy of Residence permit (current page) or Indefinite residence permit
  • Copy of Certificate to commence business, Company Code, Certificate of incorporation, Audited Accounts, Tax clearance certificate (currently), SSNIT (Current)
  • Copy of landed property (indenture)
  • A copy of passport (Bio Data Page)
  • Four (4) passport size photographs with white background
  • Subject to subsection (2) of section 14 of the Citizenship Act 2000, a person qualifies for naturalization if:
  1. He has resided in Ghana throughout the period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of the application,
  2. during the seven years immediately preceding the period of twelve months, he has resided in Ghana for periods amounting in the aggregate to not less than five years
  3. He is of good character as attested to in writing by two Ghanaians being notaries public, lawyers or senior public officers
  4. He has not been sentenced to any period of imprisonment in Ghana or anywhere for an offence recognized by law in Ghana
  5. He is able to speak and understand an indigenous Ghanaian language
  6. He is a person who has made or who is capable of making a substantial contribution to the progress or advancement in any area of national activity
  7. He is a person who has been assimilated into the Ghanaian way of life or who can easily be so assimilated
  8. He intends to reside permanently in Ghana in the event of a certificate being granted to him
  9. He possessed a valid residence Permit on the date of his application

Time Frame

Six (6) Months (Upon receipt of duly completed forms)

Fees & Charges

Naturalization Form 5 – GH₵6,000