This Directorate conducts and commissions research into policy and strategy options, compiles and analyses data for the Ministry in particular and government as a whole. It maintains a data bank for effective and efficient decision-making.

This Directorate also projects the good image of the Sector both within and outside the country by disseminating information on the Ministry’s policies, activities and procedures as well as providing a mechanism for receiving feedback on Government’s policies and activities.

The directorate is composed of the following units:

  1. Research and Statistics Unit: It conducts research into the activities of the Ministry. It also ensures that requisite data is available for decision-making.
  2. Information Management Unit: The Unit is responsible for the Documentation Centre and for collating required data to create a database for the Ministry. It leads in creating the appropriate policy strategies for branding and building the corporate image for the success of government business within the sector.
  • Information Technology/ Information Systems Unit:- It initiates and maintains information technology network and infrastructure plans, policies, strategies for the Ministry. It also develops supports and integrates new technologies as well as information/data assess security protocols into the operations of the Ministry.