The Minister for the Interior, Honourable Ambrose Dery has called on Security and Departmental Heads of all agencies to ensure Ghanaians feel safe by maintaining high standards of discipline, decorum and professionalism when enforcing law and order.    

He said, ¨ the President of the Republic is focused and committed to ensuring high standards of security, therefore Security Agencies must be up to the task and ensure the safety of the citizenry is prioritized. The President will not compromise on any shortfalls and mishaps from you¨, he asserted.

The Minister made this statement when he addressed the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) yesterday in Tamale to begin a 4-day working visit to Agencies and Services under his Ministry in the Northern and Upper East Regions.

Hon. Ambrose Dery also added that, we will not disappoint you, we will work to sustain the peace and security being enjoyed by the people of this Region¨, he assured.

He admonished the security agencies to refrain from taking sides in chieftaincy and land disputes since that is not in their purview but instead, ensure such situations do not affect the peace and security  of the area.

“security agency must know their limits, handling of chieftaincy and land issues are not in our purview.

Our mandate is to ensure that,  in the unfortunate situation that such conflicts should arise, it does not affect the peace and security of the country” he stressed.

The objective of the tour is for him to gather firsthand information on issues on the grounds relating to their operations and challenges so as to inform policy directions.

It is to ascertain if the policies are being implemented at the grass roots, state of affairs in those Regions and have physical interactions with Officers and Men.

The Minister affirmed that the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo has called for all appointees to hit the ground running tirelessly since his assumption by getting in touch with professionals and people at the grassroots for an effective collaboration and cooperation between government and those on the ground.

The Interior Minister commended the Chairman for the Regional Security Council REGSEC who is also the Northern Regional Minister, Hon. Salifu Sa-eed on the good work done in the metropolis by ensuring peace, harmony and providing amicable resolutions to all pocket of conflicts reported in the area.

As part of the tour, the Minister interacted with Officers and Men of the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Fire Service, Ghana Immigration Service, the Gaming Commission, National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), the Narcotics Board (NACOB) and the Regional Peace Council. 

The Minister would also visit some selected borders, approved and unapproved routes in the Upper East Region as part of his working tour to ascertain and observe the nature of the frontiers as far as security threats and safety of Ghanaians are concerned.

Accompanying the Minister on the tour is the Deputy Interior Minister, the Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service and the Special Adviser to the Interior Minister.