Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Senior Leadership and Management Programme for Ghana Immigration Service Management, Agencies under the Ministry of the Interior and other Security Services in Accra, the Chief Director of the Ministry of the Interior, Mrs. Adelaide Anno-Kumi stated that the challenges faced in today’s changing world require security and intelligence agencies to adapt, innovate and collaborate to work effectively and efficiently.

The Chief Director added that the Ministry of the Interior understands the vital role security agencies play in ensuring the safety, security and well-being of citizens and therefore the importance of learning and growth cannot be overemphasized.

She explained that the training programme was meticulously designed to sharpen officers’ expertise and empower them with the tools and insights necessary to operate more efficiently in their various areas of operation.According to her, the training programme represents a significant commitment to enhancing their skills and knowledge in their respective fields and a demonstration of their dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Mrs. Anno-Kumi encouraged the participants to fully engage with the programme, seize the opportunities it presents and collaborate with their fellow participants. She added that their active participation is an investment in their future and the progress of their organization and society as a whole.

The Senior Leadership and Management Programme was organised by the Ghana Immigration Service in collaboration with The Commonwealth Secretariat UK.