The Chief Director for the Ministry of the Interior, Mrs. Adelaide Anno-Kumi launched the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) Thematic Report on Migration in Accra aimed at addressing issues related to migration in the country to move forward with the Interior Ministry’s sectorial policies and programmes.

The 2021 PHC Thematic Report on Migration is one of the thematic reports aimed at making data available to planners and decision makers at regional and national levels. The objective of the report is to describe, analyse and provide explanation for patterns, trends, and the future perspective of both internal and external migration in Ghana.

Mrs. Anno-Kumi said the report will form the basis of migration statistics which will inform the Harmonization and Improving Statistics in West Africa Project (HISWAP) as well as, the 5-year Corporate Plan of Ghana Statistical Service (GSS).

“This report will update the current series of reliable and comprehensive set of data on migration’, she said.

She explained that the report will present statistics on place of birth, duration of stay in current residence, main reason for moving, usual place of residence within the last 5 years, age, sex, place of residence, nationality, ethnicity, religion and emigration (former household members).

She added that the report will also present statistics on native-born, foreign-born, literacy status, language of literacy, current school attendance, educational attainment, economic activity, hours worked, industry, occupation, employment status, employment sector, ICT, housing and living conditions of migrants.

The Chief Director indicated that the Ministry of the Interior will engage further with the GSS on the production of analytical reports that will seek to answer policy-relevant research questions on migration.

Mrs. Adelaide Anno-Kumi urged all stakeholders, particularly the media, civil society organizations and all users of statistical data to support the GSS efforts to ensure effective and dissemination of the information on 2021 Population and Housing Census data widely.

She commended the Government Statistician and his team of experts for the publication of several reports emanating from the 2021 PHC. She also thanked the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Ghana for providing funds for the development of the Report.