The 2018 Conflict and Crisis Management Course has ended in Accra with a call on participants to share the knowledge they had acquired from the training.

They are also expected to rehearse plans to enable all stakeholders to be clear of their roles in these plans.

The call was made by the Minister for the Interior, Mr. Ambrose Dery at the closing ceremony held at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Accra on July 20, 2018.

According to him, events around the world have challenged this generation to come up with innovative ways of addressing the numerous conflicts and crisis confronting us.

He noted that, the very survival of humanity is put to test when conflicts generate into crisis.

It is in this light that, he commended the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College for organising such comprehensive course for middle level uniformed and civilian management personnel whose works borders on security and defence.

He therefore urged the participants to bring what they have learnt to bare in their work.

“Conflict and crisis do not give warnings before they strike, therefore with the new acquired knowledge I urge you to commit yourself in resolving any crisis and conflict you may be faced with” he added.

Mr. Dery further  explained that, a key objective of the course was to create and reinforce links between personnel and agencies because crisis management is a multi-agency task which requires several and varied skills and capabilities.

“A key success factor is effective coordination of the efforts of all agencies involved. In this regard, you the participants must endeavour to stay in touch and exchange information on a regular basis. These links should serve as the foundation for better collaboration between agencies involved in crisis management” he emphasized.

The course, according to the Dean of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Professor Vladimir Antwi Danso, has for the past 15 years been of tremendous help to the country and the Military in picking up intelligence .

“Last year some students from the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) were very instrumental in arresting some miscreant who were luring some of our girls outside this country for ISIS purposes adding that the course is very effective just that it is woefully under sourced” he noted.

He revealed that students are run through the basic theories of conflict and crisis management with practical examples of crisis that has happened in the past in the world, Africa and Ghana