Accra, Ghana–June 18, 2024: The Ministry of the Interior wishes to caution all Private Security Organisations using unauthorised uniforms to desist from that or will be arrested by the Police and face the law.

As part of the Ministry’s efforts to regulate the industry, on Friday, June 14, 2024, the Ministry through the Ghana Police Service, arrested two individuals for violating regulations governing private security organisations in Ghana. The individuals were found wearing unprescribed uniforms similar to the Military uniform, contrary to the regulations outlined in the Police Service (Private Security Organisations) Regulations, 1992 (LI.1571) and the Police Service Organisations (Amendment) Regulations, 1994 (L.I.1579).

The arrested officers were granted bail by the Police and the Ministry will apply the necessary sanctions against the company involved.

It is important to note that per the regulations, the approved uniforms for private security personnel are:

  1. White long/short sleeve shirts over a pair of ash khaki trousers with white stripes on both sides.
  1. Cream long/short-sleeved shirts over brown khaki trousers with cream stripes on both sides.
  1. Mauve long/short sleeve shirts over a pair of maroon trousers with mauve stripes on both sides.
  1. Yellow shirts with ash/grey reflectors across the back and front over brown khaki trousers (solely for the Mines and Oil fields).

It is also important to note that in 2023, the Ministry of the Interior began a nationwide sensitisation and monitoring exercise to ensure compliance with these regulations and their operations. Since then, the Ministry has been closely monitoring private security organisations to ensure adherence to the regulations.

The Ministry cautions all Private Security Organisations to comply with the regulations, wear only the approved uniforms and operate within their limit otherwise the Police will arrest and act against any organisation or individuals who fail to comply with the regulations and face the law.

The Ministry understands and appreciates the critical role private security organisations play in complementing the role of the Security Services in Ghana. However, the Ministry will not compromise the regulations designed to ensure the safety and security of all Ghanaians.

The Ministry of the Interior will continue to create a safe and secure environment for all Ghanaians and is committed to working with the private security industry to achieve this goal.